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Deepest Sleep Session 💤 ASMR Sleep HYPNOSIS 💤 Trance/Meditation | 1HR | (TRUST IN DIVINE TIMING) 💤

Well hello, everyone! Welcome to this tingly ASMR Sleep Hypnosis Session! I will guide you into deep hypnosis and deep sleep in this powerful trance designed to serve your mind, body & spirit. My name is Kimberly Ann O'Connor, a professional hypnotist living in Toronto and working with clients globally since 2012. During this ASMR sleep hypnosis experience, you will be guided deeper and deeper into hypnosis and sleep as I whisper softly and you are invited to go deeper and deeper into relaxation, hypnosis and sleep as you are invited to trust in the perfect timing of the Universe. Session Start: 3:00 ish Listen to this session on my podcast ✨ Hypno-Zzz's Sleep Hypnosis Podcast: ✨

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