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Portrait photo of Kimberly Ann O'Connor

Turn your struggles into SUCCESS
with the power of HYPNOSIS

Initial consultations are always complimentary, no obligation and done remotely

Hypnosis is

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Hypnosis is natural, safe and free of any medication!

Desire, trust and relaxation during hypnosis is all you need for profound change.

Results are dramatic and lasting. Make powerful changes to your unconscious mind.

Kimberly is certified and helps people globally with

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Dissolve Phobias & Gain Courage

Improve Mental & Physical Performance

Increase Good Mental Health & Joy

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“Kimberly ignites a strength from within yourself when you need it most. After our sessions, I am truly changed. Kimberly saved me! Truly powerful!"

Michael P.

Toronto, ON

“Kimberly's experience shows as she knows the exact questions to ask and the right words to use in the sessions she provided. Her voice immediately raises your happiness level and the changes she encourages in her recordings are amazing. It's hard to remember how I felt before as I feel so good now.”

Rachel S.

Connecticut, USA

“Kimberly is a very pleasant person full of positive energy. Her voice and hypnosis sessions are exceptional. Professional approach to your request. Personally, I needed support and help to persevere in my decision to give up smoking. All the best Kimberly, and thank you.”

Sandra J.

Toronto, ON

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