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Quit Smoking, Lose Weight and overcome phobias! A Certified Consulting Hypnotist Based In Toronto.

Hypnosis is ancient, safe and profoundly powerful. You can achieve your personal goals easily and effortlessly through trance!

Stop struggling and allow Certified Consulting Hypnotist and accredited Addiction Counselor Kimberly Ann O’Connor to guide you to positive, impactful and long-lasting results through the power of hypnosis.

Kimberly Ann O'Connor a Toronto based hypnotist
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Experience, passion, trusted age-old hypnotic techniques and the power of your mind combine to provide amazing transformation in your life.

A Private Hypnotist Working In Toronto And Worldwide

Transform unhelpful, unhealthy, unconscious or compulsive behaviors into freedom, power and realized potential without difficulty and seemingly effortlessly. Contact Kimberly to book your complimentary consultation today!


Hypnosis is very safe, natural and medication free! You (yes you!) can be hypnotized and can benefit from hypnosis.


Lasting, dramatic and amazing results available to you now through an experienced hypnotist and proven hypnotic paths and techniques. Free yourself and fulfill your desires for a better life!


Hypnosis is comfortable, enjoyable and extremely tranquil. Make powerful changes in your unconscious mind and your life while laying back and relaxing. Desire, trust and relaxation during trance is all you require for profound change.

Quit Smoking For Good With Hypnosis!

Are you sick of failing to quit smoking? If you are truly set to become a proud and healthy non-smoker easily and effortlessly hypnosis is for you! No intense cravings, no weight gain, no arduous effort. Hypnosis works! Hypnosis can guide you quickly and seamlessly into a life of vitality, self-determination and prosperity as a proud non-smoker. You deserve health, power and peace of mind. Contact Kimberly to book your complimentary consultation today!

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Hypnosis For Weight Loss Toronto!

Achieve the body you dream of with trance! Let go of bodily waste and weight you no longer need. Crave clean foods and water that serve you and evaporate the urges for foods that do not serve you. Stop worrying, stop obsessing and start really living as you lose weight rapidly and easily. Hypnosis is the path to a healthier, leaner you. Contact Kimberly today to learn more about how you can love your body and reach your health and fitness goals with ease.

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Release Fears, Phobias and Limiting Beliefs with Hypnosis

Stop struggling and start living a full and peaceful life! Phobias, fears, and limiting beliefs hold us back from our potential, from the fulfillment of our visions and from being and doing all that we dream of being and doing in our lives. But you can learn to overcome them with the power of trance!

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How it works

Hypnosis is simple yet astonishingly powerful. Here is how you will reach your goals and achieve your desires through trance.


Free Consultation

Discover what hypnosis is, how it works, what it will feel like, what you need to do for best results and how it can specifically and powerfully help you. Get all your questions answered and get excited to experience this unique and remarkable process.



Hypnotic inductions tailored just for you and available in the privacy of your own home! A high quality audio recording is developed within 24-48 hours and sent exclusively to you.


Check In

Your results are dramatic and typically instantaneous.There will be a follow up conducted directly after your session to ensure you are thrilled and have no questions. A longer term check in will occur 4 weeks post session to ensure you are happy, living your desire and that everything is clear and straight forward for you.



Archived Recordings


Per Recording

Choose from a variety of archived sessions including accelerated healing, fertility enhancement and weight loss. There is an audio script to serve you!


Recorded Just For You


One Time Recording

Do you want your experience completely tailored to your wants and needs? Personalize every aspect from the content of your hypnosis script word for word to your power mantra to your physical trigger- you create the content and call the shots for your hypnosis session audio recording!


One on One Live session


Space is limited

Are you most comfortable face to face? Let me come to you and provide the complete consultation and same day hypnotic induction from the comfort and privacy of your own home. (Greater Toronto Area appointments only unless additional fees are discussed.)

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Thanks Again Kim

Not only do I have no desire for cigarettes anymore, I haven’t gained any weight.In fact, I am losing pounds. I was a little skeptical about hypnosis over the years but now I wish I had done it sooner. You took the mystery out of it for me and I saw it for its scientific merit.Highly recommended by me.”

Brett., Toronto, ON

Having smoked for roughly 12 years...

... and attempting to quit multiple times and failing, I was initially skeptical of the hypnosis idea. However, since being hypnotized by Kimberly I have had no desire to touch a cigarette. I had no cravings and still have no cravings 5 weeks later. Right from the moment the session was finished it was almost as if I forgot how to smoke or that I ever had. Now I am a proud non-smoker who is healthy and happy.”

Dee, Toronto, ON

I was referred to Ms. O’Connor by a family member...

... whom she had helped overcome certain behavioral traits.I too, like many of us, had some issues I wanted to work on. I had never tied hypnotherapy before, so I was ready to give it a shot.Personally, I do not like speaking in public, but as an attorney itis a bit of a occupational hazard. In short, the experience was TRANSFORMATIVE! Ms. O’Connor’s skill level and approach were unmatchable. I still do not like speaking in public, but I no longer have the dread. I feel much more at ease. When I recite my mantra, Ican feel the stress of the situation melt away leaving me more focused on what I am saying.”

B., Key West, Florida

I came to Kimberly with so much anxiety...

...about an upcoming surgery that I could barely talk about it without bursting into tears. Deep rooted in grief from losing my mom, there were parts of me that felt permanently broken. After just a few minutes speaking with Kimberly I felt so at ease and comfortable that I knew I was in safe, caring hands. Her ability to guide me through trance was such an extraordinary experience, it is actually quite hard to craft the words to explain it. I came out feeling refreshed,revived, calm, happy and just eternally grateful. After just one session, I have completely transformed and am quite calm going into surgery. I feel supported and trusting of the process, which I really thought was going to be impossible. I am in awe of what Kimberly was able to wake up inside of me. She is a truly magical soul. Thank you,Kimberly, for taking such good care of me!”

L., Toronto, ON

Kimberly ignites a strength from within yourself...

...when you need it most. After our sessions, I am truly changed. Kimberly saved me! Truly powerful!”

Michael, Toronto, ON


I loved it SO much and there’s so much in it, all so beautiful and empowering! Thank you, thank you,thank you! I cried as I came out of it and am now thirsty, looking forward to some fresh fruit and some water and already feel more beautiful and happy!”

Shara., Stouffville, ON

What a wonderful experience.

I felt so refreshed after the session. It has all unfolded perfectly. My new aversion to alcohol feels so natural.Going out amongst drinkers actually puts me in a good mood as I happily drink soda and enjoy every sip. Yes, I employ the mantra and trigger regularly. The trigger especially puts me in an instant relaxed state. Thank you so much for this Kimberly.”

Diane,Stouffville, ON

So, 4 weeks today without a cigarette!

This will likely be my last post on the subject as I no longer feellike it’s a journey, I feel like I’ve reached my destination.Actually, maybe I reached it on day one but didn’t think anyonewould believe it lol! I’m not a smoker trying not to smoke, I’m anon-smoker and very proud of it! Please, please I you want to quitsmoking, contact Kimberly Ann O’Connor or me for her number! Thankyou for your support and extra thanks to Kimberly! You’re the best!#healthyenergeticandfree”

S., Stouffville, ON

All Those Seeking Help with Addiction Problems!

Trust me when I say this:  “I have tried Every Possible Thing Known to Mankind” to stop drinking. Nothing worked. I was so fed up and hated myself for not being able to do this ONE thing. A major long long deal breaking, personal problem that affected my life terribly.

Then I met Kimberly.  I reached out to her over email, and she responded right away; none of this "please submit your request and concern and we will get back to you!” Well that never happens……. Kimberly and I connected right away, she was so comfortable to talk with about my ‘problem’ and explained in detail the history of hypnosis, what it means from ancient days to modern day life, and what it can do. She also made me really understand and what to expect from hypnotism. Kimberley’s one-on-one special tailored sessions are incredibly powerful, and, drum roll ……IT WORKS! Once you have a great fit - like I did with Kimberly - and you have the Desire - her technique is amazing, rejuvenating and super super effective! I would highly recommend Kimberly for any problem one might have; she will help you get real results!

M., Toronto
Kimberly Ann O'Connor a Toronto based hypnotist

Kimberly Ann O’Connor

Your Consulting Hypnotist and Addiction Counselor

Kimberly prides herself on her passion, purpose, experience and vision. Since being certified as a Consulting Hypnotist in 2012, Kimberly has devoted herself to the power and opportunity available through trance.

As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist through the Ontario Hypnosis Centre Kimberly has been helping people Worldwide at her private practice in Toronto.

She specializes in using hypnotic inductions for smoking cessation, weight loss, healing acceleration and the dissolution of fears and phobias!

Kimberly’s dream is to educate, inspire and offer the amazing power of hypnosis around the world. She is very appreciative of your interest in trance and honours and cherishes the opportunity to guide you to your desired results through trance.

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You have questions about hypnosis and Kimberly can provide the answers and guidance toward your goals. Contact her today for more information and to book your complimentary consultation!

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