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You are about to experience the power of hypnosis for your success and prosperity. This session focuses on the following suggestions and truths...


1. You are drawn powerfully and intuitively to that which serves you, your abundance, and your Highest Path and Purpose.

2. You attract money, opportunity, and success easily, frequently, and abundantly.

3. You are guided by intuition, inspiration, and opportunity consciousness.

4. You release that which no longer serves you with every beat of heart, with every breath that you take. You release anxiety, worry, fear, doubt, shame, guilt, and limiting beliefs about money that no longer serves with ease.

5. You trust yourself, you trust the timing of your life, you trust the flow of your life. You know you are connected always and absolutely to an abundant, limitless, loving, prosperous Universe. You are connected always and absolutely to Source Energy.

6. You know you have everything you need with every beat of your heart and with every breath that you take.

7. When you repeat your mantra or use your trigger you feel present, peaceful, and prosperous. You are present, peaceful, successful, and prosperous.

8. You release money with joy and it returns to you multiplied in wonderful ways.

9. Money, success, and opportunity are your friends.

10. You are so grateful for the success, opportunity, abundance, and money all around you.


Repeat your mantra 10x for 7 nights after each trance experience.


PREPARE your home. Ensure you have the time and space to lay back, relax, and move into a trance.


RELAX -  Sessions are 45 minutes long. Your ability to relax is paramount for positive results. Please ensure you aren't hungry or thirsty, that you are wearing comfortable clothing and you don't have to go to the washroom. Please lay comfortably with your head and neck supported. Laying but not completely supine. At any point during your session make any adjustments you need to make to be completely comfortable - a sneeze, scratch, swallow, shift, etc. The trance is not fragile. Conscious thoughts moving through your experience are normal. Gently continue to refocus on the sound of my voice and relaxation throughout your script.


PRIVACY AND PEACE - Turn off all electronics that could disturb you. Ensure you won't be disturbed by others in the home. This is your time. There is nothing to do but focus on relaxing as completely as possible and listening to the sound of my voice. I record your script with a soothing, backing track.


MANTRA AND TRIGGER (ACTION) -  To weave the effects achieved during trance into your daily life we use a mantra and trigger (daily action). Please write your mantra on 3 cards. Put one near your bed, one in your wallet, and one somewhere else visible (on your bathroom mirror or at your desk at work.) You will repeat your mantra 10 TIMES BEFORE FALLING ASLEEP FOR SEVEN NIGHTS POST HYPNOSIS INDUCTION. Use your trigger consistently throughout the day.




Your trigger is bringing your RING FINGER AND THUMB TOGETHER. When you repeat your mantra silently or out loud and/or use your trigger you will instantly feel peaceful and present. You are present, peaceful, and prosperous. You attract opportunity, money, and abundance with ease.


MONITOR YOUR PROGRESS - Hypnosis is so powerful that it impacts experiences and behaviors seemingly effortlessly and the recipient sometimes has trouble remembering how their impulses used to be different. In this case please monitor your inner climate. You should notice you feel capable, successful, and prosperous.


QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS -  Please contact me with any questions or concerns at Kimberly@ConsultingHypnosis.Ca.


Success & Prosperity: Full-Length Hypnosis Session

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