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Hypnosis is...


Hypnosis is very safe, natural and medication free! You (yes you!) can be hypnotized and can benefit from hypnosis.


Lasting, dramatic and amazing results available to you now through an experienced hypnotist and proven hypnotic paths and techniques. Free yourself now and fulfill your desires for a better life!


Hypnosis is comfortable, enjoyable and extremely tranquil. Make powerful changes in your unconscious mind and your life while laying back and relaxing. Desire, trust and relaxation during hypnosis is all you require for profound change.

How It Works

Hypnosis is simple yet astonishingly powerful.

Here is how you will reach your goals and achieve your desires.

Free Consultation

During this phone consultation you will discover what hypnosis is & what you need to do to obtain the best results to achieve transformation in your life with ease. Have all your questions answered and get excited to experience this unique and remarkable process.



After each consultation, based on what was discussed, a personalized hypnosis recording will be created. A high quality audio hypnosis experience is developed within 24-48 hours and sent to you for use in the privacy of your own home.

Check In

Your results are often dramatic and typically instantaneous. There will be a follow up conducted directly after your sessions to ensure you are happy with your results and to answer any questions. A longer term check in will occur 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year post sessions to firmly establish you are satisfied and living your desires.


Private Hypnosis Training & Certification

Become a Certified Consulting Hypnotist

+ 3 Personalized Hypnosis Sessions

+ Short Term & Long Term Follow Ups

(3 Month Private Coaching

50 hours)


Complete Hypnosis Program

3 Personalized Hypnosis Sessions

Short Term & Long Term Follow Ups for Guaranteed Success

(18 hours)


Single Hypnosis Session

Personalized Hypnosis Session

Short Term & Long Term Follow Ups for Guaranteed Success

(6 hours)


Rana M. Bali

Possibly THE most talented hypnotist I've ever worked with. I've experienced profound healing and integration my work with Kim. She is brilliant, intuitive, genuinely caring and clearly has a deep understanding of the human psyche.I look forward to continuing my work with her.

Matt T. Toronto ON

2+ years smoke free thanks to Kimberly! After one hypnosis session my craving for a cigarette was a distant memory. I found it very easy to say goodbye to 20 yrs of a terrible habit. I would highly recommend this to anyone who really wants to quit and enjoy a life free of cigarettes and all that comes with them! The trance was so relaxing and to this day I remember my mantra. I will definitely recommend Kimberly to anyone that wants to quit!

Miriam L. Toronto ON

My experience with Kimberly was magical and profoundly effective. After listening to her lovingly designed recording I felt a sense of peace and well being that I hadn't felt for a very long time. Her approach is gentle, intuitive and insightful. I would recommend a session for anyone wishing to shift old behaviours and negative thought patterns. Kimberly is generous with her time, her listening skills are exemplary, and her ability to zero in on the core of the issue is astounding.
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