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An Archive Of My Top Rated Hypnosis Sessions

Designed to help people get started with hypnosis in their own home, at their own convenience. Below you'll find a curated selection of my best recordings. Each includes an instructional video, detailed written instructions and a professional audio recording. Built from the ground up to help you, help yourself!

My Favourite Success and Prosperity Hypnosis Session

Money is energy! Align yourself with money, prosperity, and wealth with this potent and powerful hypnosis session. Do you find yourself often worrying about having enough money? Do you hold limiting beliefs about your power, skill, and ability to succeed? It is time to dissolve limiting beliefs and install the truths that serve you, your finances, and your opportunity consciousness. Success is a mindset and it is yours to achieve with hypnosis. Click here to learn more.

CA$ 89.00 CAD

Top Rated Anxiety Relief Hypnosis Session

Have you been struggling with anxiety that is affecting your quality of life? In these ever-changing, uncertain, fast-paced times it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Hypnosis is regarded as being the antithesis of stress, worry, and anxiety. It is time to regain your balance, serenity, and peace of mind. Hypnosis is a powerful antidote to acute and general anxiety. Release tension and enjoy your life! Click here to learn more.

CA$ 89.00 CAD

Bestseller Weight Loss Hypnosis Session

Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you find yourself stuck in a loop of dieting, binge eating, and weight gain? Are you constantly fighting cravings for food you know isn't good for you, and struggling to practice healthy lifestyle practices? Hypnosis may be the best solution for you. This session helps your unconscious mind absorb important mindsets to help you on your weight loss journey. Click here to learn more.

CA$ 89.00 CAD

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Why Choose An Archived Session?

Unlimited Listening

Trance is a learned behavior and each time you move into the state of hypnosis your experience gets richer, your synaptic pathways get deepened and your results get more powerful. No two hypnosis experiences are exactly alike and the pleasing sensations of entering a theta state and speaking to your limitlessly powerful unconscious mind evolve and change. Gain immediate and long term benefits from your hypnotic session recording as you enjoy trance again and again.

Available Whenever You Need

Hypnosis on demand. They say that for every 15 minutes in trance it is the rejuvenation equivalent of 4 hours REM sleep. Life has natural up and downs, pleasure and challenge and with your high-quality, professional hypnosis session you can slip into the deeply relaxed and beneficial state of hypnosis whenever it serves you. Take on your life supported and guided by the ancient power and efficacy of trance.

Start Seeing Changes Today

Having your hypnosis session recording is like having a professional hypnotist on-call 24/7. You can enlist the guidance and transformational power of trance on a whim. With our increasingly busy lifestyles hypnosis needs to fit your schedule to create lasting, noticeable changes for you and your life. Whether it's 4 pm or 4 am you have access to a cutting edge, tried, and true hypnosis induction and curated suggestions that serve you immediately. Use the power of your mind coupled with the power of convenience to make positive changes today!

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Hypnosis is ancient, safe and profoundly powerful. You can achieve your personal goals easily and effortlessly through trance!

Stop struggling and allow Certified Consulting Hypnotist and accredited Addiction Counselor Kimberly Ann O’Connor to guide you to positive, impactful and long-lasting results through the power of hypnosis.

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