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How It Works

Hypnosis is simple yet astonishingly powerful. Here is how you will reach your goals and achieve your desires through trance.



Free Consultation

Discover what hypnosis is, how it works, what it will feel like, what you need to do for best results and how it can specifically and powerfully help you. Get all your questions answered and get excited to experience this unique and remarkable process.




Hypnotic inductions tailored just for you and available in the privacy of your own home! We begin with a foundational session, our next session focuses on specific behavioral and perspective change and then complete our package with an enhancement session. A high quality audio recording of each session is developed within 24-48 hours and sent exclusively to you.



Check In

Your results are dramatic and typically instantaneous. There will be a follow up conducted directly after your session to ensure you are thrilled and have no questions. A longer term check in will occur 1 week, 1 month, 3 months and 1 year post sessions to ensure you are happy, living your desire and that everything is clear and straight forward for you.


Hypnosis is...


Hypnosis is very safe, natural and medication free! You (yes you!) can be hypnotized and can benefit from hypnosis.


Lasting, dramatic and amazing results available to you now through an experienced hypnotist and proven hypnotic paths and techniques. Free yourself and fulfill your desires for a better life!


Hypnosis is comfortable, enjoyable and extremely tranquil. Make powerful changes in your unconscious mind and your life while laying back and relaxing. Desire, trust and relaxation during trance is all you require for profound change.


Break through uncertainty, limiting beliefs and overwhelm. You can succeed as a professional hypnotist and I can show you how.

One to One Coaching

We connect, discuss your business and get clear about next steps.

Warm Marketing

This is a special offering with special marketing strategy. Learn and practice growth techniques that work.

Get Your Head In The Game

Become the hypnotist you dream of becoming. We hone your technique, your offering, your brand and your beliefs together.

Lauren Kurtz

I have been a returning client of Kimberly’s for years now, for the simple reason that I found her hypnosis sessions to be very powerful with positive and lasting impacts on my life. She is the ultimate in professionalism, and yet makes one feel as though they are confiding in a friend who asks all the right questions and gets to the root of whatever issue being tackled. She has a profound understanding of words and the power they hold and her customized hypnosis scripts have resonated with me deeply, because they were truly make for ME. Thank you Kimberly for your ongoing expertise and support, you have drawn out all the best qualities in me to apply in my life.

Michael P., Toronto

"Kimberly ignites a strength from within yourself when you need it most. After our sessions, I am truly changed. Kimberly saved me! Truly powerful!"

Donna O., Ireland

"I had heard great reviews and was willing to try it. I was thrilled with the results. I recommended Kimberly to friends for other varying issues like weight loss, infertility, and help to quit smoking. My friends were equally as impressed with the results. I would have no hesitation doing it again."

Paul B., Stouffville

"I sought out Kim’s help during a vulnerable time in my life. I was under a tremendous amount of stress with a promotional process at work. As a result my confidence was shot. Kim gave me the ability to believe in myself again. I got the promotion, and my confidence is rock solid! Kim is a genius."
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