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Quit Smoking with hypnosis

Stop Struggling! Regain Your Health and Your Power! Live As A Proud Non-Smoker with Hypnosis!

start living smoke-free! Clinical studies all across the world have proven the efficacy of trance for lasting smoking cessation.

I am so deeply grateful to Kimberly for her highly effective hypnosis techniques!  I quit smoking after more than 35 years with no problems at all!  I’ve been smoke-free for almost a year and a half now with zero desire to go back. It honestly doesn’t even feel like I ever smoked, it feels like that was someone else. I don’t feel like an ex-smoker, I feel like a non-smoker and it’s all thanks to Kimberly. From start to finish she is a true and incredibly caring professional. She combines confidence, convenience, affordability, comfort, and safety with her amazing approach. On top of eradicating any desire to smoke, I found positivity and beauty in her trance script. I highly recommend working with Kimberly, I’m forever grateful that I did!
 - Shara - Markham, Ontario

Hypnosis: The Antidote To Your Addiction To Cigarettes

There are two aspects of your mind that govern and determine your thoughts, beliefs, and actions: your conscious mind and your unconscious mind.

You know consciously that you no longer have any desire to be a smoker. The taste is foul, the smell lingers and makes you feel polluted and unattractive. You forfeit your health, and peace of mind. You fear the long term health effects of smoking.

You hate the staining of your fingers, your teeth, and your nails.

You know that smoking robs you of time, money, and focus. You are sick of it.

Your family and loved ones fear for you and your life as you continue to smoke.

Unfortunately, however,  your unconscious mind is over 30,000 times more powerful than your conscious mind.Time and time again your attempts to quit end in failure. Why?

Because the unconscious mind always wins. You are addicted to cigarettes.

But There is a Solution

You can change your unconscious mind. With hypnosis you can stop the cravings. Through trance, we speak to the unconscious mind - forcing it to associate smoking, and cigarettes,with negative emotions, and pain. Transforming you into a proud non-smoker.

It Normal To Have Questions and Concerns

Kimberly is well aware that people come to her with concerns about the outcome of quitting smoking. Thankfully, hypnosis can ease and eliminate these potential side effects of quitting through the direct effects of suggestion. Maybe you have had some or all of the following concerns about quitting smoking?

“How will I get a moment of peace for myself? How will I ease my anxiety or stress without cigarettes”

Peace and presence will be available to you more readily than ever as a non-smoker. Each and every hypnosis script is infused with the suggestion for instant peace and presence being available anytime, anywhere with the use of your mantra and a simple physical trigger.

“Will I gain weight or eat more when I am not smoking?”

No. Kimblery understands that people use smoking as a coping mechanism. Which means it is important to safeguard against unhealthy and unhelpful habits taking the place of cigarettes. That is why during your trance session specific suggestions are made to pull you intuitively towards healthy habits. We can include more specific work on this if it is very important to you.

“I have friends who smoke. Will I be able to be around people who are smoking?”

You can be around smokers. There is always the suggestion made that when you smell, see, or are near anyone smoking you are craving free and filled with pride. You are a non-smoker and everything is better as a non-smoker. So it is, so it shall be.

Be sure to discuss your specific concerns with Kimberly during your consultation. These concerns can and will be addressed directly during hypnosis.

The Ultimate Value: Hypnosis Pays For Itself

There can be no price put on your life but it does not take advanced mathematics to conclude you will save thousands and thousands of dollars by quitting smoking. The session pays for itself often in less than a month. Hypnosis works! It is powerful, safe, personalized, and lasting. Why keep struggling to quit when the solution is here. Contact Kimberly, get your questions answered, and embark on a beautiful journey to a better life. Everything is better as a non-smoker, why wait another day?

Stop Struggling, and Quit Smoking Today with Hypnotist Kimberly Ann O'Connor

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The opportunity to give background and insight into your concerns and paint the picture of the life you would like to live in to post hypnosis session including weight loss and health goals.

Go over all logistics including payment, follow-ups, and required actions, and get crystal clear about how and when you will receive your personalized audio hypnosis recording.

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- Kimberly Ann O'Connor Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Toronto, Ontario